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Specialized PEP talks


For Parents

An open and honest relationship - started early and continued throughout adulthood - between parents and children is the foundation for healthy and responsible decision-making. Research indicates that strong family connectedness will help children develop positive self-esteem, resist peer pressure and act responsibly when making decisions independently. SECS believes that parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children, and to support this we have developed the Parent Empowerment Program, PEP Talks, to provide parents with the tools needed to communicate openly and comfortably with their children.

Studies show that kids who feel they can talk with their parents about sex - because their moms and dads speak openly and listen carefully to them - are less likely to engage in high-risk behavior as teens than kids who do not feel they can talk with their parents about the subject .



Effective parent-child communication is the cornerstone of strong and healthy families and will lay the groundwork for keeping our kids safe and resilient. In the era of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and gang activity, we, as parents, must learn ways to communicate more effectively with our children. How and what we communicate about body image, peer pressure, puberty, reproduction, sexuality, love and intimacy can make a significant difference in children's health and well-being.

PEP Talks establishes a safe environment to answer the tough questions they themselves always wanted to ask. As a result, parents and their children will be empowered with reliable resources and the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe and healthy.

In these workshops, parents will learn:

  • what it means to be an "askable" parent
  • to clarify personal values and communicate those ideals when the time is right
  • the basics of child sexual development so they will know what is appropriate to say and when to say it
  • what it means to be sexually healthy through all stages of life.

Workshops can be facilitated in the home, in school, at a school or district wide PTA/SEPTA meeting, parent dinner or other venue. Evening or daytime workshops are available and, while the program is most effective implemented as a series, they can be held as a one-time workshop.
  • An Introduction to the Parent-Child Connection
  • Being an Askable Parent
  • The Message: Instilling Your Values
  • Is this Normal? Understanding Sexual Development
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Children
  • Molding a Positive Self-Esteem
  • You've Just Been "Poked:" Internet Safety
  • There's no Place Like Home: At Home Family Communication and Education Parties
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Becoming an Advocate
  • Puberty Pride: Understanding and Embracing the Rite of Passage
  • The Ins and Outs of A&P: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Staying Safe: Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Talking with Kids About HIV/AIDS
  • Contraceptive Choices
  • Just Breathe: Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Life

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Taking into account all of the challenges that different families must face; PEP Talks can be implemented for these specialized populations.

Grandparents as Caregivers
Many grandparents have not planned to take on parenting responsibilities being that they have already raised their families. Often times, however, grandparents embrace their grandchildren as their own, providing for many of their basic needs when their own parents cannot.

All too often, grandparents do not know where to turn, and are in need of basic information as well as counseling and support. SECS can get them up to speed on the latest in youth development, facilitate open and honest communication between grandparent and grandchild, and help them with the transition of taking on a parenting role once again.

For Families with Special Needs
SECS can offer PEP Talks for the parents of special needs children to discuss how to talk with kids about their changing bodies and emotions. This is often a challenge for many parents, especially when their kids' bodies are developing "faster" than they are.  SECS works to ensure that all families needs are met.

For Single Dads and Moms
Isn't it difficult enough being a single parent without having to manage issues around sex? Yes. And, no one should have to do it alone. We can help with providing the support you may need on how to make at least this essential part of parenting a little easier.

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For further information or to schedule a workshop please call Heather at 631-478-7301, email her at info@secstalk.org, or fill out our contact form.




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